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Ironman is the easiest thing in the world*

314 days to Ironman Austria; 2lb lost since 18th August 2017 In a recent job interview, I was asked what my greatest achievement was.  The question was intriguing and I suspect, loaded.  I mean, what credit would “getting through an … Continue reading

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Here’s the thing

364 days to go, weight loss 3.5lbs. It was four years ago, this week, I started this blog.  By now I figured I’d be gracing the success story page of Mark’s Daily Apple. The reality is that actually I’m almost … Continue reading

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The carb fuelled cardio-vascular lie

Here’s the thing…  For years now we’ve been told cardio-vascular exercise is essential for weight loss and while you cannot outrun a ‘bad diet’, an exercise programme rich in CV workouts in conjunction with ‘healthy’ eating is the way to … Continue reading

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A letter to myself about Fibromyalgia

A couple of days ago I answered a twitter #journoenquiry regarding ‘invisible disabilities’.  I’m a long term sufferer of fibromyalgia which since it has reared its head again in a quite spectacular fashion has also reminded me how bloody painful and … Continue reading

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A little allotment time

So, I said to you when I first started this blog that I had no idea what it would become.  It was a story about training for a triathlon and then it became a story about dealing with mental health … Continue reading

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JFDI – AKA Consistency is key

Yesterday in my blog post ‘People know what to do’, we navel gazed briefly at the catalyst required for people to turn failure into success.  And then I buggered off to finish watching the ‘podcast‘ I was talking about.  The … Continue reading

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Whole 10 (a bit like Whole 30 – just shorter!)

The other day, an e-mail dropped into my inbox.  Rather than the electronic ping that heralded it’s arrival, the sound of a gauntlet being dropped would have been more appropriate. The author was essentially declaring their intention to revisit Whole … Continue reading

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