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3lb off this week; 13.5lb total; 13.5lb in 2018 I’m nearly there…the first stone.  Pete said I could claim it now but it didn’t feel quite right so I’m working hard to make sure the next weigh in smashes the … Continue reading

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Writers Block

Four years after joining the police service, I decided to utilize skills learned outside of the service and submitted an application form to the training department on Lambeth Borough.  Happily I was successful and on my first day, bounced into … Continue reading

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JFDI – AKA Consistency is key

Yesterday in my blog post ‘People know what to do’, we navel gazed briefly at the catalyst required for people to turn failure into success.  And then I buggered off to finish watching the ‘podcast‘ I was talking about.  The … Continue reading

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   The other day I bolted awake from a really deep sleep.  McGill was starting work a little later than his usual God awful o’clock.  And prior to the abrupt start to the morning, I had slept really well. Instead … Continue reading

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According to Ironman athlete and coach Don Fink, people can be split into energy givers (radiators) and energy stealers (drains). It’s a phenomenon I’ve discussed in the shop in the past so it was nice to hear the theory ‘endorsed’ … Continue reading

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(Thought) Processes

No weigh in this week. When we were kids, my brother and I would spend a whole heap of time in the kitchen baking.  It was inevitable given that grandparents on both sides and my father were diligent and talented … Continue reading

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Now’s a good time for an interlude

1lb gain, 33lb loss in total. I’ve been sat on a (training and weight loss) plateau as flat as a flat thing.  It’s been so flat, it would make Holland look positively lumpy.  And it’s driving me bonkers. So, Pete … Continue reading

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