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I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.

The time is now

After six years, two Ironmans, a handful of marathons, several breakdowns, a hideously painful divorce, the closure of two businesses, relocation to Devon and the start of a wonderful new life, it is time to put this blog to bed. … Continue reading

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New Starts

Everytime you get the title ‘new start’ on a health, fitness or whatever the hell this is blog usually means a line drawn under a failed attempt.  The protagonist will drag themselves up from the floor after another beating and … Continue reading

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Avoiding Stupid

Recently I was reading an article about avoiding stupidity.  Ironically, only that morning I had left the house with a vest stuck in the back of my jeans.  Not the vest I was wearing you understand, the one I’d sidelined … Continue reading

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Investment – Reprised

Last night I had a dream.  G and I were in a pub.  It had the feel of working mens club about it. You know the thing… big lounge for the ‘pub singer’ furnished with lots of square wooden tables … Continue reading

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Investment and a race report

The first blog post back after a break is really difficult.  How do you start such a thing?  Where do you pick up the thread?  How rubbish will it be (writing needs practice and I’m sorely out of it…) So, … Continue reading

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3lb off this week; 13.5lb total; 13.5lb in 2018 I’m nearly there…the first stone.  Pete said I could claim it now but it didn’t feel quite right so I’m working hard to make sure the next weigh in smashes the … Continue reading

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The Aesthetic Olympics

5lb on this week; 11.5lb total; 11.5lb in 2018 Earlier today, I found myself trapped in an office with the sun beating down on my head through the glass oculus in the ceiling and staring through a window that doesn’t open … Continue reading

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