Autumn Equinox 2017


This year, the Autumn Equinox fell on September 23rd.  Although it heralds the start of Autumn, since the remnants of summer appeared to be clinging on, it has snuck up on us almost unnoticed.

At a glance, the allotment as a whole, still looks green and verdant. But on our wander round at the weekend, the signs of impending dormancy are there.  The strawberry leaves are starting to turn, the courgette plants are looking a bit tired and the rhubarb is gently wilting as leaves start to die off.  The allotment plots are also full to the brim with squashes and pumpkins.  Looking around us we can tell it’s been a bumper year!

Because we didn’t take on Plot 35 until a few months ago, we didn’t have the space to plant them.  I was about to say, maybe next year but then that would be a lie as I’ve already ordered the seeds  for 2018 and haven’t included them, so maybe ‘one day’ is more accurate.

Our lack of desire to grow squash didn’t stop us admiring the whoppers on the adjacent plots.  As the picture above shows, some of them are enormous!  Perfect for Hallowe’en next month.

Meanwhile on Plot 36 there was a lot of tidying up to do.  The primary job for the weekend was to grub up and replant the Strawberries in their new home.  The original nine Strawbs planted in August last year, were runners from plants I had originally donated to Laurie a couple of years previously.  These had been taken from my original plants purchased many years ago for Overdale.  I just love the continuity of it all.  It’s a reflection of life really and at least I can trace the genealogy of them over five generations now.

Anyway, although these little buggers grew and reproduced prolifically, they never really settled into fruiting much.  So, I’m hoping a new home will change that.  Although we only started with nine plants last year, I took out over sixty!  I’ve repotted those I couldn’t get into the bed in the hope I can find another home for them one way or another.


While G cleared the space for our new seating area (below), I removed the courgettes and the last of the runner beans and started to turn over the soil ready for a delivery of some well rotted manure next week.

G clearing the new seating area

Allotment time seems to run differently to normal time, an although it felt like we’d only been there for a couple of hours, the light was starting to draw down and most importantly, there was a cold bottle of dry white in the fridge waiting for us.  Just time to cut down the summer fruiting raspberries and then to pop in a few bargain lettuce from the local garden centre, before it was time to go home.

more lettuce


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