IM Austria entry

For the third time in five years, in June 2018, I’ll be driving to Klagenfurt.

And that is really all that needs to be said.  The rhetoric is already there.  Interwoven in words said and unsaid.  Hidden behind goals and agendas and excuses, injury and illness.  Heartache and tears.

But no more.  Now is not the time for more words.  Now is the time for action.


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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1 Response to Rhetoric

  1. zoeforman says:

    Oarsum 👍🏼☠️
    I wish you well on your training path.
    See you in Hamburg next month for my own putting ironman to rest ! Third time lucky 🍀

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