A little allotment time

29-08-2016 rosemary

So, I said to you when I first started this blog that I had no idea what it would become.  It was a story about training for a triathlon and then it became a story about dealing with mental health issues.  Underneath it all, has also been an attempt to live a paleo lifestyle.  Sometimes successfully and often not at all.

Although never explicit, I suppose all of the topics are about the same thing.  In essence, how to cope with the modern world.

In the last few months, for the sake of my mental health, I have decided to turn my back on a modern lifestyle.  No nice car, big mortgage and stressful job.  Instead, to live simply, make and grow as much as we can and move towards going off grid as much as possible.

There is still a story about a triathlon.  A goal that is, as yet, so far away but will hopefully be a reward for rediscovering both physical and mental health.  But training for an Ironman, although catalyzing a metamorphosis, cannot be the root of health.

That has to be found elsewhere.

In the garden, in a book, outdoors, via craftwork and cooking and most importantly… sleep.  It is only natural now that the blog reflects those too.

In full, it is a search for wellness.

29-08-2016 window herbs

After a busy morning scoping the cycle route for next weeks Southwater Tri (and most importantly making sure the wetsuit fits – it does, as long as I don’t breath out) G and I headed for the local garden centre.  We were motivated by a search for coffee, but also for kilner jars and herbs after I’d seen a project for window herbs on Pinterest.

We originally had Wills and Harry the chilli plants either side of Basil.  But an unfortunate case of Greenfly put pay to them – they’re now compost although we did salvage a few chillis to make some chilli oil out of.  More on that soon.

Anyway Basil now has company in the form of garden mint and thyme in said kilner jars looking mighty pretty on the window sill.

The thyme is lemon thyme since I still can’t bear the smell of regular thyme after an unfortunate New Year’s eve involving a bottle of apple and thyme vodka and an over-ridden off switch.  (Still blaming you both Pete and Corinne).

After a succcessful trip – we headed off to the allotment to recycle the godforsaken courgette plants (yup, a glut of courgettes means we’re well beyond the curry stage and never want to see the bloody things again)!  Plant the lavender and rosemary from their temporary home in pots into the ground and move the strawberries to their permanent home.

We also made an inpromptu leek purchase and so had to find a home for them too.

Part of the allotment is being turned into a nursery and seating area with left over flag stones and a lot of digging.  G got on with that while I recycled, dug and then planted.

29-08-2016 Strawbs

The strawberry plants were a gift from Laurie who in turn had received the plants from some runners I had given him years ago from the garden in Overdale.  The circle of life is fab, and I thought it cool that these were probably fourth generation strawberry plants from the originals I had ten years or so ago.

They’ve thrived this year and produced enough babies of their own for us to fill a bed with them.  Providing plenty of fruit for next year hopefully.

29-08-2016 leeks

Next up was the leeks.  And with light fading (where does the time go) and G repositioning the blueberries on his newly cleared patch, I took up the last of the beetroot and a crop of bindwind that had seemed to make a pitch for the plot and popped the leeks in.  It’s only the second time I’ve attempted leeks but I know my Dad was amazing at them and so, (since he’s no longer with us and I feel closest to him when I’m in the garden) I’m hoping he will send down some good luck.

No pressure there then.

Sweaty and up to my elbows in mud but happy and content, we picked up our crop of beet, courgettes and about ten tonnes of runner beans and headed home for a little blanching action.


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT. I want to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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