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A little allotment time

So, I said to you when I first started this blog that I had no idea what it would become.  It was a story about training for a triathlon and then it became a story about dealing with mental health … Continue reading

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39 Weeks to go…

In 39 weeks time I’ll be no doubt getting ready for bed thinking about one of the most difficult physical challenges of my life.  It seems a bit ridiculous writing that actually when one takes into account the last 18 … Continue reading

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It’s time to get back on the bike

If there was a degree in excuses I’d be a PHD but sooner or later, if you want to make progress in life, the excuses have to stop. How many times have you got to a point or a date … Continue reading

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IM Maastricht, the non-race race report

   A few years ago, Laurie and I enjoyed an entertaining discussion regarding how people see their environment.  He, for example, sees a pregnant lady in the ‘New Look’ logo (and now, so will you 😉 his wife (a forensic … Continue reading

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