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Cause or Symptoms?

Over the years we have had a number of people in the shop with injury problems.  Sometimes the causes are obvious and easy to deal with.  Sometimes it needs a much more thorough investigation. Irrespective though we ask questions and … Continue reading

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Daisies and Dreams

Scratch weight – 48 Weeks to IM Lanzarote J and I were running along the road to Bocketts Farm this morning (well, J was running and I was pootling along on the MTB) when I was struck by the beauty … Continue reading

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Sock Stuffing

A couple of years ago, the folks over on the Runnersworld Magazine forum set up a thread about stuffing shit into socks. ‘Well’, I thought at the time, ‘that sounds interesting’ and clicked on the thread.  It turned out to … Continue reading

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