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Turkish Get Up (and Go)

I just love the bizarreness of life.  One minute I’m trying to focus on getting the VAT return done, the next I have a kettlebell out in the shop and I’m trying a ‘Turkish Get Up’. (They are both harder … Continue reading

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Home is where the heart is!

   Last month, G and I were sat in a tapas bar in Seville discussing traffic police. It must be understood that traffic police are endearingly referred to as ‘Rats’ by themselves as well as other members of the Metropolitan … Continue reading

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A proverbial kick

In the theme of the previous blog post for progress to be re-established, I think complete honesty is probably for the best. Last week I had a wake up call at PT Pete’s.  I’ve put on somewhere approaching two stone … Continue reading

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JFDI – AKA Consistency is key

Yesterday in my blog post ‘People know what to do’, we navel gazed briefly at the catalyst required for people to turn failure into success.  And then I buggered off to finish watching the ‘podcast‘ I was talking about.  The … Continue reading

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People know what to do…

…so why don’t they do it? Is a big question that’s been following me round today.  I had a customer in the shop this morning who (in my mind) was hugely inspirational.  She had lost four stone since August last … Continue reading

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