Slipknot(s) at the Fluff-a-torium


When I said, a few weeks ago, I was going to get my shit in one sock I never kind of expected that sock to be crocheted.

But as I found myself flicking through crochet patterns with Nadia on Tuesday and socks appeared, the thought occurred and I chuckled to myself (although frankly, if you are laughing at your own jokes and no one else is…) 😉

We were at the fluff-a-torium in Gilliangladrags in Dorking on a half day, learn how to crochet, course.

Now, it is a reasonably well kept secret but actually I can already crochet.  The product of a misspent youth and a ‘crafty’ mother.  But, I don’t know the name of any of the stitches and therefore can’t read patterns.  Currently, I’m half way through a blankie made with granny squares and bugger me if I could remember how to start them.

Operation blankie was at a standstill!

So when Nadia mentioned it, I thought what a good idea!

We arrived without our paperwork.  And while in the car, Nadia reflected on whether they would believe we were us, as it were.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert profiler or anything, but I was certain we would fit the profile of the average attendee.  And you know what, we slotted straight in.  The only thing we were missing were the grandkids.  But we had our granny squares and so karma was restored.

We had a wonderful time.  It was peaceful and relaxing (apart from the fact we were all so tense in concentration (tongues poking out of the side of the mouth) that by the end of it we all had cramp.

I logged it on daily mile as #WOD

Everyone was lovely and I got to giggle every time the instructor said ‘slipknot’.  The product of a misspent youth and a father who liked heavy metal.  Both of my parents brought something to this party!

Anyway, operation blankie is go (again).

The day before, I was reflecting on the benefit of mud for exfoliation since I was covered in it from head to foot.  We had been on the downslink, on our mountain bikes and of course it was pissing down.

It’s a route we’ll maybe do once or twice a year and it had been a while.  So we arranged for a group to meet at our usual point in Cranleigh with a plan to cycle down to Shoreham for lunch and then back again.

As it happens, Grant and I got there in good time so went for a coffee.  As we sat waiting for the others, the rain just got heavier and heavier.  Consultation of the BBC website didn’t predict any improvement. was bleak indeed.

The downslink is a relatively flat route along a disused railway line (a casualty of Mr Beeching) but now, happily converted into a trail.  It provides a direct route to the coast and is actually only about 25 miles from Cranleigh to Shoreham.  For some reason, it always takes way longer to cycle than you expect and so three and a half hours into it with five miles still to go (we’d had two punctures and the general faffage that goes with MTBing) G and I had to turn round and head back (we had a late appointment that we could not miss).

We were… well… bedraggled doesn’t really cover it.  Literally dressed in mud and rain soaked, with so much water in my eyes my contacts were swimming all by themselves.  So, we stopped at Stans Bike Shack (a recent addition to the route) for a spot of late lunch and a large piece of industrial strength paper towel.

Fortifed by carrot and lentil soup we headed back onto the trail and with time on our mind attacked the trail with head down and arse up.  We made really good time and got back to Cranleigh with enough time to frighten the locals in the Co-op while we purchased black sacks to protect the van seats.

The day before, mud was also on my mind.  But happily this time it was at least on the ground and not on me.  We had gone up to Barnett Wood Allotments with the view of me hiring a half plot.

I went with an agenda.  It must be near water and relatively recently cultivated.  The recent furore over whether the council would sell off the allotment for housing has resulted in a number of plots becoming free so I was hopeful.


This one was the first I was shown and I fell in love with it.  It doesn’t look much right now but it’s in much better condition than it looks and the soil underneath is amazing.  So of course, now it’s time for more plans.  Primarily to build a shed to house tools and start clearing the top but I reckon it might be good to start planting stuff in a couple of months.

In between all of this we’ve embarked on the run every day challenge with Ronhill.  It’s been a challenge let me tell you 😉 but the benefits are numerous.

It’s reminded me that running doesn’t have to be scheduled at such.  It’s just as easy to fit in a mile commute to something (swimming on Saturday for example) and is just as quick as getting into a car and driving there.

It’s brought consistency and routine back to training ready to start the Ironman training for Lanzarote in a couple of weeks.

It’s also given me a chance to revisit some of the beautiful countryside around us.  Sunday was a fabulous example…

Box HIll

Things are definitely looking up.


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I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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