Planning prevents a…ppp (and procrastination)


Todays blog is brought to you by the letter P and the words, planning (hurrah) and procrastination (boo).

I’m supposed to be doing my VAT return so I thought I’d write a blog post instead.  If you could earn money from procrastination, I’d be inviting you all to a lavish party at my new palace.  Instead, I’ll look forward to the “you’ve been naughty again” letter from the HMRC.

So anyway, the plan this month was based on a two prong approach with an outcome purely of getting me back into the habit of looking after myself. (Well frankly no bugger else will do it!)

Inspired by the Ronhill #RunEveryDay campaign I wanted to (well erm) run everyday and inspired by the crossfit team at I thought I’d have a bash at the #WOD on the front page (Shower of #hashtags across social media this month anyone!)  Happily the #WOD team permit rest days as legitimate workouts of the day (any good training plan starts with a rest day) so this will effectively equate to five days a week and will focus on strength.

So, cardio vascular and strength training should get two big ticks.  And woohoo for that!

In the meantime, I’m staring at the counter and wondering whether it could count as carbo hydrate or protein as I’ve had nothing to eat all day.  #Whole30 also starts today in a bid to get the nutrition back on track.  But, since I’ve been so rubbish at planning, I have nothing in the shop to eat and since I’m on my own, no means of escaping to buy anything.

In my defence, I had planned to pop to Sainsbury’s before work but was followed into Costa by someone who wanted to talk to me and then ran out of time to get there.  But in reality, it’s not good enough.  ( I wonder why are we so good at making sure the needs of others are met but not very good at all at addressing the needs of ourself)?  And frankly, I’m paying the consequences.

After huge stress, little sleep, sporadic and poor eating and haphazard exercising I’ve noticed a massive increase in all of the stuff I was trying to get rid of via the paleo lifestyle.  And as an added bonus, my blooming memory has gone.  Twice this week people have asked me questions in relation to a topic we were discussing the previous day and twice I’ve looked at them blankly like they were talking in Martian.

Last night at run club we were talking about some of the differences between men and women.  We were laughing at the fact women like to vocalise their problems just to hear them out loud, but will work them out in their own time and men when listening to those problems felt the need to offer practical solutions.  Guy’s we know you are being kind but seriously, that’s not the point of the moan in the first place – unless we’re asking you to fix the tap or put shelving up, then get to it, quick time please!

Anyway, the chap who nobbled me in Costa this morning fell into the trap above of kindly listening to some of my recent issues and then trying to offer suggestions to fix them.  He sadly got short shrift but it did get me thinking.

While I was working out the point of my challenges above, I spent a little time recalling all of the aspects of fitness we were taught on the personal trainer course I did a few years ago.  I remembered covering speed, strength, power, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance and flexibility.  But I think the graphic below covers it rather better.

fitness circle

My initial intention for the run everyday thingy was to tackle some of the stuff above.  But it doesn’t really cover the whole lot and actually I assumed wrongly that mental health was a part of the fitness thing (since it’s such a huge benefit as I’ve discussed in previous posts).

And then a friend (it won’t surprise you if I tell you I forget who – but I think it may be Laurie) mentioned about taking some time out to do something you enjoy but don’t really get a chance to, like reading for 15 minutes a day.  I thought it was a great idea and figured I would incorporate that challenge too (it could be a challenging month 😉

I’ve struggled terribly with life since Bacchus and anything that will help is so valuable. So then, I got to thinking if I was including the reading as well, was there anything else I could look at that would start to make me feel better.

Other things not fitness related.

I remembered covering some “what constitutes a healthy life” stuff in the training for my teacher training stuff I’d done in the job and after a little bit of t’internet research was reminded of the seven dimensions of ‘wellness’ shown below…

seven diamensions of wellnessAnd as I worked through them, I realised that when applied to my life, each facet listed above has gone through a significant change in the last six months.  And currently, not one of these is settled or how I would like it.

Not one.

It was a complete eye opener and it’s no wonder I’m such a fucking mess.

So October, the month of challenges, is not only going to address the physical.  It will need to address absolutely everything to get back on track.

One by one, decisions need to be made and plans need to be worked through.  But as they say in life, half of the solution is acknowledging you have a problem in the first place.  The rest is easy.

Now, about that VAT return…

About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT. I want to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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2 Responses to Planning prevents a…ppp (and procrastination)

  1. lcwaller says:

    Really interesting to read 😊 Getting ALL your ducks in a row, at once, in the order you want can be difficult. Planning like this is great, and I shall be pinching some of your ideas 😁 Looking forward to hearing how it goes xx

  2. trilady says:

    Two days in and going well. I’ve got an allotment appointment on Sunday and a crochet course on Tuesday (who said it wasn’t a knitting club eh?)

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