#LanzaBaby (AKA time to get my shit in one sock)


The day after Outlaw, we breakfasted early and headed back to Surrey to open the shop.  The drive gave me time to think about the options for next year.

In essence I had got to the point where this blog had been intending to take me.  But I hadn’t achieved my objectives.  I still have another three stone or so to lose and although Austria had gone really well, I feel I never achieved my full potential there.  I’ve also wandered off the paleo path somewhat and I starting to pay the consequences with the return of the eczema and the fibromyalgia.

It was time to get my shit in one sock.

I’d been mulling over options for a little while.  The pirate ship is sailing to IM Mallorca in 2016.  With a date scheduled roughly for September, it as ruled out because Bacchus normally leaves me exhausted for weeks after.  So, either a trip by myself or none at all.  At times, either of those options was ok.

Then recently, after a ‘heated debate’ with someone who told me among many things I couldn’t possibly run my two businesses sucessfully, I had a dose of ‘Fuck it’ and entered Ironman Lanzarote.  Not an eloquant response to the argument I grant you.  But it had the desired effect.  I was fired up and ready to fight again.

Then, a week later, Lindi, a good friend came to visit the shop to confirm plans to visit another event, new this year.  So, the week after that I was the proud owner of two Ironman entries for 2016.  One to conquer the heat and hills of Lanzarote in May and one to the hopefully more sedate town of Maastricht in July.

The 30 week Ironman training programme I’ve devised starts on 26th October.  So, I have 10 weeks to develop a routine and start to regain lost fitness.

Lanzarote scares me to death.  So, the first thing I need to work on is breaking the race into manageable chunks.  Yes, it is famous for heat and hills and wind on the bike course.  All the things I tend to shy away from.  But I also know that cycling is my greatest strength by far and that gives me comfort.

I need to start working on my swimming now.  Even just a reduction in swim time of 20 minutes to roughly 1 hour 30 minutes will buy me a lot more ‘get out of jail’ time on the bike.  And 1.30 is a perfectly reasonable target.

Then I need to do hills and conditioning work to get my legs as strong as they possibly can be. Of course, there is the small matter of power to weight ratio to work on.  So weight loss will also be a primary goal too.

The run, if I get there, will be what it will be.

I will focus on training one day at a time and no more.  Small chunks, small goals, just like slotting in bits of a jigsaw.  To keep things amusing I also have an entry to Beachy head marathon in October (again!) and Seville Marathon next Feb.

I’m really fired up by the challenge and excited to see the outcomes.  And after the last few months, that alone is worth every ounce of sweat invested.

lanza finish


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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7 Responses to #LanzaBaby (AKA time to get my shit in one sock)

  1. lcwaller says:

    Yipeee!!!! Cannot wait (to watch you smash Lanza while I drink cocktails in the sun and do a bit of sherpa’ing/cheering) 😀

  2. Lanza will be brilliant, you’ll smash it

  3. seren says:

    another adventure…..I so hope I can get there somehow next year…..looking forward to your progress xxx

  4. Q / SA says:

    I love the “Lanzarote scares me to death” bit, thats the reason I entered last years race, I loved it and that’s why I’m going back, its such a beautiful island, the race is so iconic and you get to smack one of the hardest IM races there is, it will be fantastic to track your progress and then race along side you 🙂 The feeling of that finish in your pictures still sends a tingle down my spine.

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