Progress Report

nicky lifting weights

.5lb loss. 40lb in total, 7.5lb in 2015.

Yesterday morning, just moments after I walked into Peter’s house for our Thursday session, I was most disconcerted to find him waving a tape measure at me.

He was asking me to measure my waist with it.  What a horrid thought!  I refused anyhoo although (as you can see) Pete gained his revenge by taking photographs of me in the garden afterwards instead.  And he waited until I was wet through and bedragled to get me at my very best.  He’s cool like that 😉

I had written down my measurements back when this all first started but hadn’t looked at them since.

Later that evening I had a meeting with Peter and a nutritionist called Helen.  We were discussing the prospect of a ‘paleo seminar’ in Run to Live. Helen had happened to mention in the shop a few weeks ago that she is a strong paleo advocate.  I had been thinking along the lines of running a seminar in the shop but was waiting patiently for all the required items to come together.  I floated the idea, she was keen, Pete was keen and now, here we were.

Pete and Helen were not acquainted and so the general plan was to introduce each to the other and pull together a structure for the seminar.

After an initial awkwardness ‘so tell me about yourself’, conversation soon flowed.  I was enthralled in the discussion that developed around the dining room table.  Each was passionate in their delivery.  Each exhorted the same terminology and doctrines.  There was a synergy between them and it was difficult not to get swept up in it.  It was invigorating and exciting.

Helen utilised a system known as the ‘Functional Medicine Model’ a system we use very much in the shop when assessing running injuries.  Essentially, rather than treating the symptoms, she targets the root cause (we all nodded very vigorously at that one) and through that, we decided to target those who were constantly tired, bloated, fed up, depressed and over weight to help them re-claim their health.

In bed that night, I reflected on those symptoms, gently mulling them over in my head as I reflected on the events of the day.  I realised that 18 months ago, that list would have described me perfectly, but now, hardly any of it applied.  Alan said at the end of the meeting last night, the seminar was potentially life changing.  I has been worried that ‘life changing’  was too fervid, somehow promised too much.  But, in my own case, maybe not.

Since waist measurement is another indicator of health risk, perhaps it was serendiptous that Pete has asked me to measure my waist measurement.  Rather than be petchulant about it, I resolved to do it the first opportunity I got.

Well, bloody hell was I in for a surprise.  When I has initially written it down all that time ago, I was so embarrased by it.  Shamed, I wrote the figures down then filed them and never thought about it again.  So I was astounded to discover five inches off my bust, two and a half inches off my hips and a massive ten inches off my waist.  Blimey.  Ten inches is huge.  Well, I felt quite proud of myself to be honest.

I sat down for a while and considered other changes that had happened during that time.  Changes that had come on so gradually I hadn’t noticed them.  Firstly, I thought about the fact I am posting more pictures of myself than I ever would before.  Even the picture that Pete sent through from yesterday (above) had me analysing posture rather than just recoiling in horror.

Then, I went back to the list of desired outcomes written back in July 2013.  You can read them here.  I was amazed at how many of those I could tick off now too.  This process has been so confidence building, so enabling, the results so astounding.

For me, the last eighteen months has been life changing and it has taught me to hope, as I had scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before.


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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