Eat clean and move more


1.5lb gain. 38lb in total, 5.5lb in 2015.

Earlier this week, in a discussion regarding nutrition, I had cause to use the words ‘Paradigm Shift’.  This was a big deal since, in an effort to avoid scoring in wank word bingo, I haven’t uttered the words ‘Paradigm Shift’ since 1995 when I presented my dissertation to my Geography professor (I never use the word ‘journey’ for the same reason ;).

Then I was talking about shopping habits (specifically the development of the out of town shopping centre – any excuse to go to the Metro Centre in those days).  It’s tenuous but I suppose you could say the two utterances are related.  Except these days shopping centres are de rigueur and since I detest them, I’ve learned the joy in shopping local.

Back in 1995, we were still in the middle of the the high carb, low fat diets that became really popular in the 80’s.  Although Atkins released his book in 1992, the year I joined University, it would not become popular until much later.

Even so, from my Mum’s first experience of diet clubs in the 1970’s right the way through until I finally quit my addiction to Weightwatchers last year, they were still selling us low calorie, low fat, high carb.

It was a popular strategy and not surprising really.  When I lost my 73lbs with weight watchers before I joined the police service in 1999, I was their strongest advocate.  Not only had it worked for me, it was consistent with everything I had been taught up to that point.  That included, my sports science degree, the media, other popular weight loss programmes and dieticians I had been referred to.  It seemed to be an easy sell and a lot of people, including government advocates heavily bought into it.

But in the end, the reality of eating this way left me with an eating disorder, fibromyalgia and an extra 27lb’s to lose on top of the original 73lb I put back on.  In hindsight, there was something very wrong with it.

I was so indoctrinated with the high carb, low fat lifestyle that when Pete offered me a life line.  It took over 18 months and many dinner table conversations before I was brave enough to take the leap.  And althoug my health really couldn’t have got any worse, it was genuinely a leap of faith.  I trusted Peter with my life, but I wasn’t convinced about the programme at all.

Of course, it didn’t take long to change my mind about the paleo way of life and in fact Peter was right, I’ve never felt better.  The eating disorder happily now under control, the fibromyalgia all but gone and a 38lb dent in the excess weight.

But back to the conversation that lead to the ‘Paradigm Shift’ utterance that started this post.  With regards to our health, that of humans, there is change in the air.  I can feel it, I can see it.  It’s still as yet undefined, but it is tangible.

The whisperings coming through, the secret of that healthy life, seems to be simply to eat clean and move more.  Now at the risk of knocking on the door of the ‘No shit sherlock’ police, the fact the establishments mentioned previously are starting to offer this as an opinion via advertising is in my view, ground breaking.

Don’t get me wrong, peoples opinion of clean eating is open for discussion.  But it is consistently, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and a focus on real food, including butter and the ghee shown above.  For an example, see ‘Is butter really back’?  Harvard School of Public Health.

My own experience at the moment suggests Paleo is a really good choice.  But, I’m not naive enough to think Paleo will fit every one, nor should it, we are all different after all.

But this shift is definitely a shift in the right direction and long may it continue.


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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1 Response to Eat clean and move more

  1. Jack Blair says:

    Well stated – the combination of high carb diets, excess sugar consumption and rampant dehydration is what I work on with each and every client I see having conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to IBS, and from arthritis to diabetes. Cleaning them up works – literally every time. It’s amazing how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone where food is concerned. Eating is a discipline, it’s a science, and when done well, it can be an art. There is a shift coming, and it’s going to be huge – corporate food conglomerates better figure it out or they’ll learn how Bell Telephone and the newspapers felt over the last 40 years. Bravo to Peter, btw, and to you my friend! Keep up the good work.

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