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Outlaw Long Distance Triathlon – The quest for tea (and a race report)

1lb loss; 40lb total; 18lb in 2014 Oh my word. I thought I would leave the report for a day or two to sort itself out in my head.  But everything is still buzzing around inside.  So I apologise in … Continue reading

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Badgers and a renewed mental attitude

1.5lb loss; 39lb total; 17lb in 2014 I’ve been sat on this blog post for a little while.  In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure what direction it would take, as I allowed things to settle in my head. Since … Continue reading

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Looking forward and yet more plans (sorry Geoff)

2lb loss; 37.5lb total; 15.5lb in 2014 The day after Ironman Austria, once dust and emotions had settled, Alan and I went for a walk to talk things through.  We found ourselves drawn to a bench close to the lake … Continue reading

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Ironman Austria – A race report

So, I have to confess, in the 12 months I’ve been blogging and the 10 months I’ve been training (and fantasising and visualising and dreaming about) Ironman Austria, I never thought in a million years it would end this way. … Continue reading

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