14 Weeks to go – Countdown to Ironman Austria

broken chain

.5lb loss; 30.5lb total; 8.5lb in 2014

There was a very muted start to training last week to allow for recovery from the Spitfire.  I always think I’m going to bounce back quickly but on reflection, it took until Friday to get back to anything resembling normal.

So, lots of sleep and short, gentle outings (to help get the legs moving again) took me up to the session with Peter on Thursday morning.

I suspect Peter has a sixth sense.  When I arrived at 6.30am on Thursday morning, instead of our usual run, he announced a re-testing of some of the original fitness tests we carried out in the very first session.  The first of these was the Rockport Fitness test.  The relief was palpable.  I could have hugged him.  Walking? I can manage that 🙂

I’ve never been very good at walking fast, and lagging behind Peter as he marched his way round Overdale.  I was reminded of my mum when we were out together.  She is always saying ‘Wait for me, slow down.  I’ve only got little legs’.  Goodness he can walk fast.

But I did see a very cute long tailed tit, a few finches and the prolific Parakeets invading the Surrey countryside.  The test designed to identify VO2 Max fitness, revealed an increase of 1.7 mLO2/kg/min.  Essentially, my body is slightly better at processing the Oxygen in my body to help create energy packages.

Then we repeated the step test.  This is a 3 minute test performed to the beat of a metronome.   The heart rate is counted on the fourth minute once the stepping ceases.  The idea is to measure heart rate recovery.  The lower the number, the fitter the individual.  I scored 109 beats on the original test, a rating of excellent.  This time I was delighted to hear it was down to 91 beats.  Pretty much off the scale and a significant improvement.  Yay me.

The plank test (AKA how long can you hold a plank for) was very disappointing.  We had a recording of 1 min 30 originally, but this time I could only hold it for just over a minute.  Fatigue?  Maybe.  But I certainly need to do more planking as even this effort left me with aching abs for about four days.  Rubbish.

Having then completed the tests we resumed the usual weights session.  It was lacklustre, I just felt so tired.  Once the session was complete, I decided to sack the rest of the days efforts and spend a day on the couch with ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and yes, you guessed it, ‘Twilight’ instead.

Spin in the shed on Friday was back to normal with a fabulous 15 minute threshold session.  (God I hate <But love> that session). Then on Sunday decided to meet Pauline for a gentle ride to Esher.  We’d nary gone 5 miles from her house before her chain snapped and fell off.  Oh deary.  Such a shame as we were going so well and having company was amazing.  I called international rescue (Alan to come and get us with the van) and then once Pauline had been dropped off home, finished the rest of the session on the spin bike.

So, on reflection, a necessarily easy week but now, a few easier work weeks, presents an opportunity to start ramping up the mileage.  14 weeks doesn’t sound long enough, but it is what it is and it’s a universal truth that one feels that the training is never enough.  I have to trust what I am doing will get me through.


About PT Nicky

I'm a girl in the world just trying to make 1% improvements everyday. I recently qualified as a Personal Trainer. I certainly don't fit the aesthetic of a PT and I wanted to demonstrate that ordinary people can achieve their hearts desire. Clean eating advocate with paleo leanings.
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5 Responses to 14 Weeks to go – Countdown to Ironman Austria

  1. Sue says:

    Just realised this may appear that I’m saying your blog is rubbish – which I’m not. I was taking exception with the use of the word rubbish (she says hurriedly trying to fill in the large hole that she’s digging!)

  2. Geoff Hastings says:

    A lesson to be learned for anyone could be, that all that training could go down the drain for the sake of carrying a chain link and chain breaker. Make sure the chain link you carry is the same as the chain on your bike, ie 9 speed 10 speed. Anyone wanting a refresher I’m happy to oblige.

  3. Geoff Hastings says:

    Having posted that it’s wise to carry a spare link with you, I went out on my bike and the derailier cable snapped leaving me stuck in top gear.

  4. trilady says:

    :o( Geoff. Hope you’ve got it sorted now. Incidentally, I never replied but a refresher would be brilliant if we can find time to slot it in…

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